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Medora Covered Bridge


P.O. Box 132

Medora IN 47260

Friends of the Medora Covered Bridge and Area is a group primarily concerned with the preservation and upkeep of the Medora Covered Bridge but also promoting other historic sites in the Medora area (See Links Page).

FMCBA is tax exempt under IRS Code 501 (c)(3) and is classified as a public charity.

Membership fee is $10.00/year for individuals and $15.00 for families which includes spouse and dependents. 

Some of the activities we are involved with include:


  • Installing a security system. (A 39 y.o. woman and her two teenage children were caught on camera spray painting the bridge.  She has been prosecuted and paperwork has been filed to prosecute the son.)
  • Keeping the grounds mowed.
  • Greeting visitors, providing brochures, and giving tours.                 making souvenirs available for purchase when possible.
  • Making presentations at schools, service clubs, etc.
  • Painting as needed.
  • Picking up trash and cleaning picnic tables.
  • Organizing and overseeing the annual Dinner on the Bridge.
  • ​Other functions as needed.

  • Print and fill out this form Friends of the Medora Covered Bridge and Area Membership

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    Mail To: FMCBA

    P.O. Box 132

    Medora, IN 47260