Medora Covered Bridge

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Here are some comments we have received from visitors to the bridge.

Thank you for the informative tour.  Louisville, KY

Glad to see that the bridge has been restored and is being taken care of.  Campbellsville, KY

What a wonderful historic structure! Thank you so much for helping to make our visit to Indiana so wonderful. Cedar Falls, Iowa

No snakes.  Loved it.  Thank you for the wonderful tour.  Medina, OH

Crew of 5 visited from here in town. Just wanted to pass thru for some pics! Medora, IN

Lovely Bridge, Thank you.  Warrnombool Victoria Australia

Just stopped at the bridge.  We walked across it on a nice sunny day.
Celina, Ohio and Newport, Ohio

What a pleasure.  Thanks for sharing.  Vincennes, IN

Thank you for the tour and for being so nice.  The Netherlands

Crossed on bicycle.  Louisville, KY

Outlaw artist.  Oakland, CA

Great Bridge.  Nice troll under the bridge!!!  Farmland, IN

On 51'st anniversary.  Bridge is awesome.  Paris, IL 

There should be signs to get here. Monroe, NC , Clare, MD (Note, there are now 5 signs. We need more but are glad to have those.  The most confusing place seemed to be in Medora coming from the north at the 4-way stop sign.  We now have a sign pointing east on 235  It is one mile to the bridge.)

Medora was our 2nd covered bridge, and our 2nd to last bridge on a mission to take pictures of every remaining historic covered bridge in Indiana.  Indianapolis, IN

As Secretary of State of Louisiana I am very impressed.  Wish we had this in Louisiana! Beautiful Historic Site!  Manneville, LA

Good job preserving old way of life.  Thanks.  Bloomington, IN

Love Covered Bridges.  Sheboygan, WI

Wonderful. We drove out of our way traveling from VA back west to see this.  We have a covered bridge out of Chico in Centerville.  Chico, CA

Amazing Architecture, Mesa, AZ

Very interesting. Galbiate, Italy

We were here once before and when we realized we were in the area we had to stop in again.  Great.  Cincinnati, OH

Looks Great! Thank You! Fallbrook, VA

Repeat visitors. Big Fans. Bloomington, IN

Field of Dreams. Dyersville, IA

Neat! Our first time here. West Harrison, IN

Thanks for sharing. Ft. Worth, TX

Thank you for restoring this cultural, historical Gem, Palo Alto, CA

Always try to stop when we are close! Love it! Ft. Wright, KY

Too bad people have to write on the walls. Columbus, OH;  Sweden; Medora, IN; Bloomington, IN; Bedford, IN

Motorcycle, Newnan, GA

Been coming here since 1972. Dayton OH

Very Nice, Amelia, OH

Goldwings, Holland, IN

Great viewing, parking area and info on bridge. Andover VT

This is such a nice piece of history. Thanks for upkeep.  Jackson, MI

Great Bridge. FL

Finally made it. No town listed

Spectacularly maintained.  Germany

Pleasantly surprised to find such a lovely bridge in the middle of nowhere. Very well kept. Germany

Glad we found you on our travels. U.K.

#41 on the bucket list. Wichita Kansas

We love Indiana on a beautiful September afternoon. Miami FL

We live next to Parke County "Covered Bridge Capital of the World", nothing like this. Brazil. IN 

Great country around here, all these neat & tidy farms. Richmond, B.C., Canada

The bridge looks great. Jeddo, MI

Rode here on my bike.  This is beautiful. No town given

Thanks. San Diego, CA

Hope to make it to the festival this year. Campbellsburg, KY

My ancestors helped build the bridge and are buried in Medora. Spencer, IN

Well worth the trip. Bastrop TX.

The bridge is wonderful. Farmington, IL

Class of 2014 was here. Medora, IN

Very nice job of restoration. Kudos. Keep up the great job. Now we have walked down the longest (historic) covered bridge in America. Roanoke, IL

Thank you for saving such a beautiful bridge. Oaktown, IN

Wow.  Asheville, NC

What a beautiful job you volunteers have done. Brownstown, IN

Awesome, it will be here for a long time. Louisville, KY

Had a great time.  England

Thanks for keeping history in the present.  Richmond, KY

Good use of public funds and private ones. Corryton, TN

We love this, it is a wonderful thing that has been done. Brownstown, IN

Thank you. Louisville, KY

So glad we came. Madison, IN

Great job. Akron, OH

2 snakes in here (smiley face). Columbus, IN

Glad I didn't see the snakes. Ft. Knox KY

Beautiful bridge, thank you.  Medora, IN,  Ft. Wayne, IN, Houghton Lake, MS

This bridge is wonderful. Hong Kong, China

Great job, Much better than the last time we came here in 2005. Hartford City, IN

Thank you for saving this beauty. Petersburg ,KY

Thank you, beautiful example. Columbus, IN

Loved it. Indianapolis, IN; Bloomington, IN

So Cool. Indianapolis

On our way to West Baden. Cincinnati, OH

Thanks, what a treasure. Michigan

Wonderful. LaGrange Park, IL; Lakeland , Fl; Tuscon, AZ; SD; Clermont County, OH

Lovely, awesome. Indianapolis

Here 12 times, best ever. Louisville, KY

Very impressed, Bloomfield, IN

I stopped by and really enjoyed a very beautiful and peaceful walk across the bridge.  I'll have to bring my husband and 3 sons. Pekin, IN

Reminds me of my youth, driving across the bridge at Seymour. Belton, MO

So beautiful and peaceful.  So glad history of bridge remains. Nashville, IN

We stayed at Mitchell (Spring Mill Inn) & decided to come see the bridge.  Mattoon, IL

Came with grandparents and aunt.  St. Joe, IL

Lovely Bridge, Such a treasure. Pueblo West, CO

Our Favorite, Thanks. St Joe, MI

Wonderful Bridge, thank you for saving it for everyone to enjoy. Sarasota, FL

Coolest Bridge ever. No town listed.

Lived here as a kid. St. Louis, MO

This place is awesome, Medora, IN

Cool, thanks Mitchell, IN

Fabulous, driving around Indiana seeing the sights. Avon, IN

Loved it. Seymour, IN; Paoli, IN

My hands are cold!! Fortville, IN

In Bean Blossom for the John Hubbart? Memorial Fest. Nashville TN

Breath taking bridge. Indianapolis, IN

Great grandfather made the nails. CA

Great great grandfather made the nails. CA

We've got just 50 CB's in Oregon.

Very Nice. Greenville, SC, Faribault, MN Portage, MI

Thank you. Noblesville, IN

Keep it standing. Red Hatter,  Brownstown, IN

Awesome bridge, great restoration Frankfort, OH

Interesting, quaint. Missouri

Beautiful. Demotte, IN; Seymour, IN; Brownstown, IN; Wilmington, IL; Waterford, MI

Awesome. Crown Point, IN; Brownstown, IN; Seymour, IN; Vallonia, IN; Kansas City, MO; Bismark, ND; Elizabeth. IN; Yostis, TX; Pekin, IN; Muncie, IN 

Nice, looking great, Medora, IN

I loved it. From Hungary in Europe

This is cool. Red Hatter, Seymour, IN

Thank you, beautiful gem. Camby, IN

Great Bridge. Spencer, IN

Beautiful job. Spencer, IN

Excellent tour. Indy

Nice. Terre Haute, IN

Thanks for the hard work. Salem, IN

Great historical landmark. Dearborn Hts. MI

Loved it, so cool. Houston TX

Beautiful. Wilmington, IL; Waterford, MI; Indianapolis, IN

Great. Cloverport, KY

Thank you, this bridge is awesome. Chatham, IL

Thank you for restoring this bridge. Andover, IL

I saved this bridge from the wreckers in 1968. It sure looks good now. Shelbyville, IN

Beautiful, Thanks for preserving it. Carthage, MS

Happy Easter. Chicago, IL

Great bridge, thanks. Ireland

Beautiful bridge, beautiful country. Clarklake, MI

Born in Parke County, the covered bridge capital of the USA. Danville, IN

Thanks for the tour. Seymour, IN

Love it, Salem, IN

Photographing. Brownstown, IN

Great bridge, . Marion, OH

Thanks for keeping the bridge alive. Sunman, IN

Thanks for bridge still open. Salem, IN

Hello. Long Beach, CA

Great Bridge, thanks for restoring it. Silsbee, TX

Just moved from Texas to Indiana, saw it before it was finished, so beautiful, Carmel, IN

Impressed. McFarland, WI

What a lovely bridge, from UK, glad we made it part of our U.S. experience.

Saw it on the map, glad we stopped by.  No town listed.

Enjoyed seeing this bridge very much while visiting from Pennsylvania. Got lots of great pics. Thanks!