Medora Covered Bridge

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Medora Covered Bridge 

By Sherry Smith Germann


I, Sherry Smith Germann, dedicate this poem to my mother, Virginia Coffey Davis, who was born in Haleysburg Indiana, Indiana, in Washington County, and she had many stories about this bridge.  I remember how excited I was to see it for the first time in 1998, and again in 2016 as I walked across the bridge after restoration.  It was beckoning to me to return to the land of my roots after an absence of 65 years.

It pulls you back so you can see the beauty of it all. 

End to end it spans across the White River below the falls.

‚ÄčLong, red and wooden too with beauty in between.

Trusses tell the stories of young lovers in their teens.

It has beckoned many to take the plunge and see.

How refreshing the water underneath can be.

On hot days of summer they came, many stayed.

While sharing picnics, families laughed and played. 

The circus came across it in days of old.  

Many interesting stories my mother told.

Elephants marched to the circus sounds

Telling folks the circus had come to town.

Many faces were happy and all aglow

As across the Medora Bridge we did go.

Years passed, time took its toll.

Weather, rot and damage played their role.

Many were sad to see it close.

Gone were the days of a "Long Red Rose,"

There was talk it might be torn down.

Many decided a way should be found,

To save this bridge from disrepair,

Shouting, "Let's bring it back with flare !"

Plenty of people came together

To make the bridge a whole lot better.

Donations poured in from near and far.

They worked until it shown like a star.

And now we see what love can do.

Medora Bridge is now shining anew!

As we gather here for dinner tonight

Remember the ones who made it a delight

For all of us to see and enjoy, 

As in days of old, it is employed.