Medora Covered Bridge

Medora Covered Bridge and Area is a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501 (c) (3).

Measuring by the span (​a part of a bridge between the uprights supporting it (1) ) the Medora Covered Bridge is the longest historic covered bridge in the USA.

The bridge is located one mile east of Medora, Indiana on SR 235 spanning the East Fork of the White River.

It was built in 1875 by Joseph J. Daniels.

It took nine months to build.

The cost was: $18,142.00.

It is a Burr Truss design.

It was once called the Dark Bridge because there are no windows. 

It was closed to vehicle traffic in 1973 when the modern parallel concrete bridge was opened (2).

Restoration of the Medora Covered Bridge was completed in 2011. 
There were some repairs to the truss (structure) but it remains original because it did not need to be altered to meet modern vehicle standards. The covering was mostly replaced but it did its job by protecting the truss (old bones, new skin).

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

There are three concrete picnic tables in a shady, grass covered area and a boat ramp at the west end with room for an RV to turn around

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